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Party.San Open Air 2011: due band confermate

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It´s time again for some PARTY.SAN news! We want to announce once again some bands which jumped just recently on our bill. It´s finally spring time and we are keen to start into a great festival season 2011.

Get your festival ticket for 49.90?(incl. pre-sale charge) here: ! In case you want to order with credit card please buy your ticket here: or!

Dutch pagan metallers HEIDEVOLK are without doubt one of the best pagan folk metal bands coming from central Europe. In case you like well done Pagan Metal, intensely gorgeous vocals, great choirs and super effective guitar harmonies then HEIDEVOLK is your band. The combination of catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies and well-written music creates a formula that is addictive as hell and draws the listener back to this music again and again. Get your swords, shields and fight for victory. In line we stand!


Style: Pagan Metal

Roots: Bathory, Skyclad, Turisas

It´s always a pleasure to follow the German underground when it comes to well done death metal. DAWN OF DISEASE is one of the newer bands which impressed us a lot. The mixture of pure American death metal and some Scandinavian melodic tunes convinced us to book the band for PSOA 2011! Their upcoming album "Legends Of Brutality"(Noiseart) will definitely kick your face in!


Style: Death Metal

Roots: Malevolent Creation, At The Gates

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Party.San Open Air

Party.San Open Air

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