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Truckfighters - "Fuzzomentary" (RockSquad Media/***)

Line up:

Dango - guitars
Ozo - bass & vocals
Pezo - drums




"Fuzzomentary", a proper name for what is an out of the ordinary, strange and sometimes eyebrow-raising documentary about these three Swedes who go by the name of Truckfighters.
Created by the minds of Joerg Steineck and Christian Maciejewski, this 110-minutes-long journey between Sweden, Germany, and a final excursion in the States offers an introspective insight into the band and the trio’s personal lives. After all they are still people with jobs, family, etc. who give it their best into doing the music they like. And you can see this especially in the leading duo Dango/Ozo (guitar and bass/vocals respectively), and in the subtle comments on Pezo’s (the drummer) divergent opinion, since the latter appears more into it for fun than for a real commitment.
This rockumentary, starting with a presentation of our three main characters and their common life in the Swedish homeland, brings us on the road with them, on a journey to Germany where the guys will ultimately perform with Fu Manchu. But what’s interesting more than the show themselves in here, is how the dynamics of the band develops on the tour, with all that derives from being far from home, always traveling, the tiredness... but also the fun, beer, throwing bread at night, and such kind of random weirdness of a touring band.
The drama begins when the band discusses issues here and there, not much tour issues, but internal to the group. This ultimately lead to Pezo leaving the guys, who are looking for someone more dedicated. The research will last a few months, but in the end the guys manage to even realize one of their goals, by heading to U.S. in the supplementary final chapter, cleverly called "Califuzznia".
There is however much more humor than serious moments into this DVD (and in the bonus material), from the animations filling every intermission, to the narrative western-style voice, to conclude with a Don Quixote video-reference. That’s this humorous component that glues together the whole thing, relieving once in a while a narration which sometimes goes at a very slow pace. This is in my opinion the main weak point of an otherwise interesting release, providing a different angle on the life of a normal, down-to-earth band, always ready to take a piss out of themselves, but who know their stuff when it comes to play some fucking Rock.
Fuzzomentary is, in essence, a video-experience on a dedicated band fighting for success. At the very least, it makes you wonder about these three guys and check them out live.

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  1. Chapter 1: Common
  2. Chapter 2: How to get things done
  3. Chapter 3: Road
  4. Chapter 4: Home
  5. Chapter 5: The body burden
  6. Chapter 6: Issues
  7. Chapter 7: Family fights
  8. Chapter 8: Big
  9. Chapter 9: The drummer dilemma

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