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Riot: niente tour con gli Hammerfall

News inserita da: Marco Manzi


I Riot sono costretti a rinunciare al tour Europeo di supporto agli Svedesi Hammerfall a causa di una operazione d’emergenza al cavo orale per il cantante Tony Moore, durante un controllo di routine dal dentista, che ha rivelato una profonda infezione.
Ecco il commento del cantante:

"During the initial examination, my doctor gave me a puzzled look and then asked the question that put fear in my heart: ’Are you in a lot of pain?’ I was then informed that I would be if this procedure was not performed. After the surgery, I was made aware of the extent of the bone graft, and the risk of dislodging fragments of implanted bone should I resume normal activity too soon. I was put on a liquid diet and limited to bed rest for several days, then informed that because of the location of the surgery, singing was out of the question for four weeks. As I write this I still have stitches in my mouth and have to limit my physical activity. The recovery period essentially wiped out any hope of sufficient practice time for a RIOT setlist, and full recovery takes four months before the tooth can be replaced. We discussed all the options we could think of, the last of which was to perform the final 10 dates of the engagement with minimal practice on my part. In then end, though, everyone agreed that going out with my voice at any less than 100 percent would have compromised a show for which some fans have been waiting many years. With heavy hearts we made the only viable decision; to withdraw from the tour.

I’ve been dying to sing this stuff since we finished the album, and being sidelined like this is a major blow. I’m doing everything I can to recover so that I can rebuild the voice you’ll hear when the album is released. I know that you want nothing less. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your support and good wishes."

Ed ecco invece il comunicato della band:

"The entire RIOT organization would like to apologize to our record label, SPV, and thank them for supporting our decision. We have been assured that future European dates will be announced as soon as the appropriate schedule can be safely booked. We would also like to apologize to HAMMERFALL, who have been extremely generous and supportive throughout this process. We look forward to meeting you all in the near future. Finally we would like to apologize to our fans and friends who have sustained us throughout the reunion. We are as disappointed as you are, but you can be assured that RIOT will visit Europe as soon as possible. We’re already confirming dates for early 2012 in the U.S., and we plan to support the release of ’Immortal Soul’ as strongly as you have supported us for nearly a quarter of a century.

A special note to our Asian fans: these events will not have any effect on our plans to perform in Japan in 2012. Tony will be fully recovered long before then, and we look forward to bringing ’Immortal Soul’ to you soon. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the album as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Let us know what your favorites are so that we can bring them to you onstage next time we meet."

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