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Elvenking: via il bassista, ecco il sostituto

News inserita da: Marco Manzi


I nostrani Elvenking si sono separati dal bassista Gorlan, rimpiazzato da Jakob, che giá a preso parte alle registrazioni del nuovo album ed ai recenti show di supporto ai Rhapsody of Fire.
Ecco i comunicati della band:

"[the new bass player] already recorded the bass in the new album and the ones of you that have already seen him live know he’s got some skills! Obviously, this also means that we have to say goodbye to Gorlan, one of our dearest friends inside the band who was with us for so many years. This is life... especially in a band like ELVENKING, but one sure thing is that we and Gorlan will always be friends even if we won’t share the stage anymore."

E dell’ex-bassista:

"After more than ten years, I would like to thank all the great fellows in the ELVENKING family, especially the older ones. While I’m writing this words, I’m not sad or angry: I’m leaving a great part of my life, but I need to direct my efforts towards my personal life, even if this mean leaving the band.

As you can imagine, being an ELVENKING member is a heavy duty...they smell like hell, you have to live together in a van full of every kind of shit many days a month and the worst thing is that they love to take showers all together… OK, I like these weird kind of things, but I prefer to stop! We have run so many miles side by side, at this time I pick a different choice but the direction is the same so we’ll see what the future will bring!"

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