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Secret Sphere: é Michele Luppi il nuovo cantante

News inserita da: Marco Manzi


La band nostrana ha trovato in Michele Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, Thaurorod) il nuovo singer dopo l’abbandono di Roberto "Ramon" Messina.

Ecco i comment, della band:

"As previously stated by band the vocalist replacement is a new beginning, especially after more than 10 years of a career. There are risks to make, mistakes and lost years of work, otherwise you can bring the band to the next level and find the missing link to give the right dimension to the project... And definitively for SECRET SPHERE we are talking about the second option, no doubt that they will bring their career to the next level with the addition of extraordinary singer Michele Luppi. He doesn’t need any kind of introduction; with his music he widely demonstrates his talent and in a very short time Michele contributed to the new album writing lyrics and melodies, delivering one his best works to date."

Del chitarrista Aldo Lonobile:

"We’re extremely happy to welcome Michele to our family. Everybody knows what Michele can do with his voice, so I prefer to spend few words saying that I found a great person to work with and a great new friend and for sure you will catch the great atmosphere we have inside the band listening to the new album!"

Ed infine dello stesso Luppi:

"I’m very proud to be the new singer of this fantastic group! All the guys in the band made me feel part of the family ever since we met for the first time. Our forthcoming album, ’Portrait Of A Dying Heart’, is by far one of the best album I’ve done, though I’m still recording my vocals. I wanna thank them for their trust and belief, and I’m willing to share all my experience and passion in order to write and perform our music the best way we can... For us and, most of all, for you."

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