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Graveyard: i primi dettagli sul nuovo album

News inserita da: Marco Manzi


Uscirá il prossimo 26 Ottobre per Nuclear Blast Records il nuovo disco degli Svedesi Graveyard, intitolato "Lights Out".
Ecco il commento di Axel Sjöberg, batterista del gruppo:

"The title ’Lights Out’ sums up the feeling of the new album, and a feeling that we have. That these times that we live in are strange times, where no one really sees anything straight/the way they are.

We all know that both we and pretty much everyone was really excited about the cover of ’Hisingen Blues’. So we had to come up with a really strong idea to match the strength of that cover. It’s just about finished now, but even without having seen the final version, we are convinced that no one will be disappointed by the cover to ’Lights Out’. We’ve worked with several people that all added their part, and as the saying goes in Sweden: the sum of the parts is bigger than the parts alone. So sharpen your raven’s hatches and get ready for ’Lights Out’."

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