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Vision Divine: salta il tour in USA

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I Vision Divine hanno scritto sul loro sito internet, che il tour americano è stato cancellato a causa della mancanza dei biglietti degli aerei che li avrebbero portati da un concerto all'altro. La band è venuta a conoscenza del problema solo dopo lo scalo in USA avvenuto giorno fa. I promotori del tour sono, nel frattempo, fuggiti. Questo il testo originale:

We are sorry and shocked for what just happened. Without any advice, and even worst after many promises from third parties who were managing the tour, we discovered just now, once arrived in the USA, that the Latin Tour won’t take place because of too many problems with flight tickets and many other things that are even impossible to be explained. We are simply shocked and surprised by seeing how things have been managed. We feel ripped off as surely should feel those who already bought tickets to our shows. We are also gonna suit somebody for what happened, but this won’t change the mess. In many years of career we never got into something like this, and there are not so many words we can tell right now. We will play Progpower Fest, which showed out to be a complete professional situation where everything turned out to be exactly as planned ,and then we will go back to Italy, as there is no way at all to make the rest of the shows take place, not even after some telephone call we had in which we tried to do our best as band,in order to make things go on. We really pushed to make shows not being cancelled,and we were also disposed to renounce to many things originally promised. We even offered to pay first hotels by ourselves just to respect all those people waiting for us,and to give a chance to those who were not responsible about this to go on, but no way. Some promoter totally disappeared, and once we arrived in the usa, we also found that there are no flight tickets ready to bring us to the rest of the Countries. Sorry once again, that’s all we can tell right now. Whining or complaining won’t make things change, unfortunately.

Vision Divine.

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