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Sylosis: il chitarrista scrive il track by track del nuovo album

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Ecco il Track By Track di "Conclusion Of An Age” dei SYLOSIS scritto dal chitarrista della band Josh Middleton.

Desolate Seas

This is an instrumental opening track to the album. It sets the mood for what’s to come pretty well. A lot of bands have intro tracks but we really put the effort into making this one killer and it’s hopefully not something people will want to skip as it builds up to ‘After Lifeless Years’perfectly.

After Lifeless Years

This track is really epic and heavy. We deliberately wrote this one to be the opening track on the album. It’s got everything we’re about in one song, dark epic stuff, fast thrash, shredding solos, melody, big guitar riffs, ambience, singing etc. It’s going to be really fun to open our sets with this one.

The Blackest Skyline

The Blackest Skyline has a cool build up at the start then it switches key and explodes into a riff fest. On the whole, this songs a fast one. Lots of riffing going on. You can hear the Forbidden influence in there. After the second chorus an old school Morbid Angel kinda section that builds up into a pretty shreddy, yet melodic solo. We’ve been playing this one live for quite some time and it always goes down well.


We originally recorded this song for our last EP but we thought we’d save it for the album. It’s got a mid-era Death feel to it. Really melodic riffing and a big epic chorus. I think what sets us apart from some bands who have melodic stuff is that we don’t just throw it in to try and appeal to a bigger audience – we do it because we love melodic shit and we spend just as much time on it as the heavy stuff. Lyrically it’s about the irony of fighting wars over religious beliefs. We’re not out to knock anyone’s faith because some of us have our own beliefs. Everyone’s bound to be screaming along live to the words ‘Thoughts, beliefs’ haha. The second half of the song goes pretty evil and there’s a killer solo section at the end.

Reflections Through Fire

This is another track we’ve been playing live for the past year. It always goes down really well. There’s a lot of big groove riffs in this song but also some fast thrash stuff. It’s got a really heavy chorus too. Jamies vocals sound awesome in this song, reminds us of John Tardy and Chuck Schuldiner but then chorus is kinda pitched screams in the vein of Joe from Gojira. Towards the end there’s a huge slow epic Cult Of Luna style section. It’s really heavy with some dark ambience, strings and acoustic guitars thrown in for texture.

Conclusion Of An Age

When we entered the studio we really didn’t think this would be the title track. We changed a few sections in the studio and song took on a whole new form. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the album. The main riff to the song, we actually wrote at the last minute in the studio but it’s got a really grand feel to it. Lyircally, it talks about the state of the planet and how we’re all doomed haha. This song has literally the most killer riff on the album (2:31), it reminds me of some of the brutal stuff on ‘The New Order’ by Testament. Theres a good variety of riffs in this one. There’s also a really ambient outro/interlude on this track at the end. Anyone who’s heard this track already on our Myspace won’t have heard this part as we chopped off most of it to save it for the album.

Swallow The World

Swallow The World has a clean guitar intro and intro solo. Muscially – as with most of the songs – there’s a lot of variety in here. The chorus is really fast and melodic but on the whole its packed with a lot of heavy, triplety riffing. I think our favourite section in this song is the huge melodic section in the middle with some really epic singing.


This song’s a real riff-fest. Lots of intricate tight riffing. It’s also packed with all kinds of shred. There are some really evil, fast sweep arpeggios after each verse. The middle section is really circle pit inducing thrash. It’s another example of a riff (actually a whole section) we wrote on the spot in the studio. We also wrote the outro section in the studio which has some big Pantera style groove. Lyrically it deals with the environment – socially and the state of the planet - generations to come will inherit.


Withered has a gallop feel to it. Some really meaty grooves as well. There’s an awesome harmonised melodic solo in the middle section. The outro to this one is going to be really fun to play live. It’s kinda Decapitated meets Pantera style groove riffing.

Last Remaining Light

This is easily going to be a lot of people’s favourite track on the album. It’s a really long progressive tune. It starts off with a mournful acoustic intro and clean solo. It changes between two keys so it’s kind of unnerving. It’s got a really big chorus with a lot of layered up guitars. Guitar wise – the shredders will dig this one. It’s got something like 5 solos in it and probably the some of the best guitar playing on the album. There’s some cool trade off solos over the outro that I did with a friend of mine, Chris O’Toole. It then fades out intro a melancholic piano part. The lyrics deal with similar themes to some of the other songs – ‘And the earth will devastate man to the core, the day the legacy of human is no more’.

Stained Humanity

This one’s heavy from start to finish. We think people will really like hearing this one live. There’s an outro / interlude at the end too. It was pretty Cult Of Luna inspired. Dark ambience, thick distorted bass and a big roomy drum sound.

Oath Of Silence

This is the oldest song on the album. It’s packed with heavy riffing. It’s the perfect track to close the album with as it’s got a really epic, triumphant outro and fades out into some really ambient guitar chords. In a way it’s like the opening track in that it showcases a lot of the variety on the album.

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