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Heaven & Hell: spiegata la cancellazione al MetalWay Festival

News inserita da: Marco Manzi


La band ieri è stata costretta a cancellare la propria esibizione al festival spagnolo a causa del forte mal di schiena che ha colpito il chitarrista Tony Iommi.
Ecco il comunicato ufficiale degli organizzatori, che descrive l'accaduto:

"The stage was already set with all gear and backline, and after a 45-minute delay in the showstart, an ambulance was called to the backstage area and the techs started dismantling their stage gear. There was a big confusion for about half an hour, and afterwards a member of the organization explained what happened to Tony, telling that the show wasn't cancelled yet, that a doctor was trying to determine whether he could go on or not. After a few minutes, while the next band [Saxon, ndr] was setting up their stage gear, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice appeared on stage to adressed the issue in front of the crowd. Ronnie kneeled on stage as if to say 'sorry' and proceeded to tell the crowd that the show could not go on due to Tony's back problem and that they would make it up at another time and place when it's possible. Ronnie even sang a bit of the chorus section of 'Heaven And Hell' for the audience. God Forbid, who were casually in the backstage area with their friends Opeth, stepped in to play a show after Saxon finished its set."

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