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Aperte le iscrizioni per il Nocturnal Rites Fan Club

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1990 guitarist (and at that time singer) Fredrik Mannberg formed the band. It was called "Necronomic". And they did true death metal. Then they recognized that they just wanted to do more melodic and harmonic stuff. After some line up changes you can now find talented songwriters, great instrumentalists and a fabulous singer in the band!

Fredrik Mannberg:
shredding rhythm guitars, live backing vocals
Jonny Lindqvist: golden voice
Nils Eriksson: stamping bass, live backing vocals
Nils Norberg: virtuosal lead guitars
Owe Lingvall: drums of hell
The meanwhile sixth album "New world messiah" was released in March 2004. With this masterpiece of album Nocturnal Rites accompanied Edguy on big Europe tour. Nocturnal Rites had further successes on tour with Iron Saviour and Saxon. Power Metal??? That way...:

Nocturnal Rites fanclub
c/o Tanja Hansen
Neuhauser Str. 39/1
78532 Tuttlingen

e-mail: (Tanja)_ ( (Jasmin)_ (

Fanclub history so far:
We are Jasmin and Tanja from Germany. And we want to introduce you to the new NOCTURNAL RITES FANCLUB. You can find us at many metal concerts. And that´s how we got to know the musical and personal side of Nocturnal Rites. A few weeks later, the idea to do a fanclub for this brilliant band was born. After talking to the band, we got a "YES" and the work could begin...

And this is what we are offering to you: There will be 3-4 magazines in colour a year, with CD reviews, Interviews, profiles of the band and some many more other gimmicks... Of course, you will have the chance to send your experiences, memories, stories, pics and further things to add those to the mag. Just send everything what comes to your mind. Some poems or self-drawed pics maybe? Let your phantasy spread its wings. We want to have more sections in the mag, for example fans search fans, ask NR, crossword puzzles and so on. So, give us suggestions! But first there will be a welcome gift as well for every member joining the ranclub. Many, many more nice gimmicks are planned...

Well, the membership fee depends on the country, because of the postal rates and so on. Costs per year:

Germany: 15 Euro
Rest of Europe: 18 Euro
USA: 22,50 Euro
Japan: 28 Euro

Curious about it? Then just send an email to:

_nocturnalritesfc@aol.com_ (

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