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Teräsbetoni - 1/29/2011 - Tavastia - Helsinki

After a week, here I am again in Tavastia, the reason being the show of those strange guys that goes under the name of Teräsbetoni. No support acts for tonight, and the show follows the one held at Virgin Oil less than two months ago. That’s also why the venue is not surely packed when the band shows up on stage with their traditional intro. No complains for me, since there’s much more space and freedom to move around. Also the absence of any barrier in front of the stage allows the crowd to interact more closely with this bunch of men in leather.
Anyway, the gig starts with the opener of the new record, and yet the audience is already caught into it with the following “Vaadimme Metallia” and song like the latest’s titletrack “Maailma Tarvitsee Sankareita”, which gets all the fans excited, especially after being encouraged by the vocalist/bass player Jarkko Ahola.
It’s always nice to see the crowd involved into the show, even though here it’s more of a drinking and laughing atmosphere, who keeps together the people on and off stage. That’s when it’s introduced into the set the “joumatrilogia” (literally “drink trilogy”), rigorously accompained by the many bottles of Karhu - a famous Finn beer brand – drank by the singer. The highest moment of this drinking-time is probably represented by the new “Metalliolut” (“Metal beer”), obvioulsy a kind joke in typical Manowar-parody style, of which has also been made a video-clip.
The mainman of the 4-piece also changes the bass, using a carved wooden one in which reminds of the fellow countrymen Korpiklaani. The music at some point sounds pretty much the same, but you sort of have to get into the spirit of the show to enjoy it and appreciate the performance of this band.
The set anyway is quite short, and before you know it, there’s already the final encore. Here I would have really hoped to avoid seeing people moving lighters in the air like in a damn pop concert, but I guess the anthemic “Metallisydän” for someone created that sort of tear-jerker atmosphere. As lame as it seems, the concert recover its original groove with the final “Taivas Lyö Tulta”, surely the most famous song from the Pirkanmaa-based act. Together with the “jouma” part of the show, this was actually the most enjoyable, and a proper ending as the audience sings along with the band for the whole song.
Overall a nice show, with some highs and lows, but I can’t say there has been any big problem with the sound, and in the end Tavastia was still crowded enough to give to the band a good atmosphere for tonight’s performance. The number of middle-aged fans was surprisingly high, which makes me think about what sorf of audience the band has, but that’s going to change quickly as the preparations for the traditional Saturday night’s disco push most of the people outside the club. After all it’s been an interesting evening, as it’s always nice to see with your own eyes certain aspects of the strange Finnish culture!

Setlist Teräsbetoni:
01) Myrsky Nousee
02) Vaadimme Metallia
03) Silmä Silmästä
04) Maailma Tarvitsee Sankareita
05) Maljanne Noustakaa
06) Metalliolut
07) Viimeinen Tuoppi
08) Mies
09) Orjatar
10) Älä kerro meille
11) Teräksen Varjo
12) Metallisydän
13) Taivas Lyö Tulta


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