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VOLBEAT - 3/11/2011 - Gribskov Kultursal - Helsinge DK

I had never thought I would see the same band in quick succession during a single tour.
Not before the last few months.
The list of bands I’d even consider going to more than one show is, let’s say, quite short. But Volbeat stands at the top of that list so, after attending five Volbeat gigs travelling through three European countries at the end of last year, I decided to venture to their own homeland.
Here I am, in Helsinge, about 50 km north from Copenhagen, ready to attend to one of the 12 sold out shows scheduled for the Danish tour. A tour which, as guitar player Thomas Bredahl declares on Volbeat official website, is meant to be a Clubtour, held in small places, as to interact with the crowd up close.
And Gribskov Kultursal is indeed a small club, at least for a band whose success during the last few years has made it necessary to organize venues attended by 10.000 people.
The tiny hall can hold approximately 900 people (if I’m correct) and, gee, it is packed. The number of Volbeat shirts is really impressive.
It’s 9 p.m. and we are subject to a Danish supporting band before rocking out to Volbeat. THE HITCHKOCKS play for about half an hour their Misfits-like punk music.
But here we go. Soundcheck begins. As soon as one of the roadies reveals Jon’s drums (previously covered under a black curtain) a scream arouses from the crowd. Once the last careful check is over we can hear from the speakers the song which has become the usual introduction to every Volbeat show: “Born to raise Hell”. Everyone sings along, clapping hands and calling for Volbeat.
Time has come. The guys step on stage, starting as always on a nice volume and a great mix.
This time they decide to open with “The human instrument”, a track of great impact taken from their second album and, yeah, one of my favorite ones…
The venue already gets excited, as fragments of Metallica, Elvis and Social Distortion fill the hall.
One thing is for sure: Michael has fully recovered (after having been forced to cancel UK Tour last December) and appears in good form, as well as Thomas, Anders and Jon, and, from the very beginning, one can feel that special energy which is one of their main features.
One following the other, Volbeat delights us with many of their most successful songs. Every now and then Michael stops singing, giving the crowd the opportunity to sing along to their favorite tunes.
Volbeat are a hell of a lot fun to see live and Mr. Poulsen perfectly embodies their sound, his voice surprisingly clean and powerful. He even allows himself to change the established setlist, giving voice to the spectators’ requests.
Someone asks for “Angelfuck” and is well satisfied, as the Misfits cover is played: one minute and a half of pure fun.
Dear me, I don’t understand Danish… Now and then Michael entertains the audience, arousing loud laughing.
As a habit during Volbeat shows, when “Thanks” (a song the band has specifically dedicated to their supporters) is about to be played, a few people from the crowd are allowed to step on stage. It is in this circumstance one can really grasp how the metal ‘n’ rollers’ talent has been able to reach a variety of different targets: from the middle-aged fan to the 6 years old child, they are all there, “singing out loud”.
As a matter of fact only Volbeat are able to offer a unique blend of heavy metal/hard rock alongside with Elvis inspired melodies.
And the world has taken notice.
When “I only wanna be with you” closes the show and lights go down, the band’s ritual takes place: the guys walk across the stage and hand out picks and drum sticks.
Even after the gig Michael shows himself up and, willing as he always is, satisfies the many requests for autographs and pictures.
Something I’d like to say to all Italian readers: Volbeat will be hitting Italy next summer, as support band to System of a Down.
ARENA ROCK, RHO, MILANO, June 2nd. Trust me people, SAVE THE DATE!

Live report edited by VALERIA MILANESI

VOLBEAT @ Gribskov Kultursal, Helsinge, March 10th, 2011
1. The Human Instrument
2. Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
3. Heaven nor Hell
4. The Mirror and the Ripper
5. Radio Girl
6. Hallelujah Goat
7. Sad Man’s Tongue
8. Mary Ann’s Place
9. Makin’ Believe
10. 16 Dollars
11. Mr. & Mrs. Ness
12. The Garden’s Tale
13. Angelfuck (Misfits cover) (fan request)
14. Still Counting


15. Who They Are
16. Fallen
17. Thanks (with fans on stage)
18. Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
19. Boa [JDM] (second half only)
20. I Only Want to Be With You (with Raining Blood outro)

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