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The Haunted + MyGrain - 3/23/2011 - Tavastia - Helsinki

There was surprisingly much people right from the beginning, clearly a lot of people had come to see MyGrain specifically. The sounds were pretty standard Tavastia-quality, not awful but nothing to write home about either. The first thing that caught my attention was the slightly inconsistent vocal work, it varied from good to kinda bad depending on the part of the song.
MyGrain plays the typical kind of modern melodic death metal, with a lot of interesting guitar riffs. The audience clearly enjoyed the act, but for me it was technically good, but ultimately soulless. The gig was better than in FME a month back, but still a bit dull, indicated by the crowds refusal to pit even when prompted to.

The venue was completely packed, yet not quite sold out, when it was time for The Haunted to take the stage. They started with a new song, off the album “Unseen” that come out on this very day. The vocalist Dolving looked quite strange, he had aged a lot and had a long bushy beard. A clear Unabomber look as it were. The band launched into the fast “99” and the crowd went ballistic. Also the new songs, although vastly different from their normal style, worked quite well live. Not surprisingly the serene songs from “Unseen” were played alongside the also mellower “Dead Eye” songs.
Unlike Jensen, who neurotically kept tuning his guitar even during songs, or the Björler twins who just mostly stood there, the stage charisma of Dolving is not to be questioned. He kept up the show mostly single-handedly with his erratic behavior and seriously odd speaks. He e.g. described his visit to the dentist’s and managed to make it sound pornographic. The speaks were quite frequent and so long that more than once the crowd demanded the band to continue playing.
The setlist was quite varied, with “D.O.A.” and “Hatesong” spicing things up for the old fans. At one point the band commented on the bad reviews they’ve gotten on their new record for it being so soft, and asked the entire crowd to point at the stage and boo so they could record it for Youtube. Clearly the band has decided to do what the hell they want, and that’s exactly how it should be, even if a lot of people will miss the tight and furious thrashing of the older records.

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