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Moonsorrow + Draugnim - 4/1/2011 - Nosturi - Helsinki

Finally, after a seemingly endless waiting (at least for me), Moonsorrow released a new record less than 2 months ago. Since then I was eagerly waiting to see the band live once again, but the prior commitment of Ville Sorvali and Co. with Paganfest, made so that the first of the new album here in Finland could be only now, on April 1st.
It’s no April fool, and quite a crowd of fans gathers to finally hear the new songs while cheering to the five-piece who just returned to its homeland. But before that we need to step back a moment, because there’s still room for the opening act, Draugnim, coming from the nearby city of Espoo. Someone might remember this band better because of the singer Mikko “Chimedra” Häkkinen, which is more known as Crimfall frontman. But Draugnim has little to do with the power/folk act which has recently been on tour with Turisas, in fact their music is way more black-oriented, with a definite pagan touch.
I have personally seen the band already a couple of times, and generally had a positive impression from it, which is confirmed even today. Just look at the guys (and girls, since it seems Moonsorrow has quite many female fans) in the front rows, and how they are involved in the show, encouraged by the fists of their singer and the shouting of the long-bearded bassist.
All-in-all a nice warm up, and as the venue keeps receiving people inside, finally it comes the time for Moonsorrow to hit the stage.
The first surprise for me is the presence of Henri Sorvali at the guitar, something so rare that I don’t recall I’ve seen before. It’s good to see one of the masterminds behind all the great work done by the band for once joining them live. The band starts with “Tähdetön”, opener of the latest album, followed by another new song, “Muinaiset”. It’s interesting how the darkened atmosphere of the place, with these dim blue lights in the background, which suits quite well with the music.
The sounds are overall quite good, and that helps a lot. “Kivenkantaja” awakes the fans all over the place, who begin to sing along even from upstairs. And like this half of the show is already gone, being Moonsorrow’s songs notoriously long. But the crowd gets still some classics with “Sankaritarina” and “Pimeä”, even though it’s understandable that there are many other good tracks from the Finnish act, it’s also hard to put together a set that can satisfy everyone when the time is limited.
The most lively on stage is surely the blond guitar player Mitja Harvilahti, who often ignite the audience in the front. But Moonsorrow is not much about the show as it is about the music, and that’s clear in the attention the crowd has during the whole gig. The logical conclusion of this performance is “Kuolleiden Maa”, while someone already run to take the jacket, as most stand there listening to the music as it fades away.
Not maybe the best concert I’ve seen from them, but I have never been disappointed by the band, and I’m confident that’s very unlikely to happen if they keep up with the good work. Next appointment is at the end of the month with a somehow special gig still here in Helsinki. Stay tuned, and you definitely don’t want to miss that!

Setlist Moonsorrow:
01) Tähdetön
02) Muinaiset
03) Kivenkantaja
04) Sankaritarina
05) Pimeä
06) Kuolleiden Maa



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