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Obituary + Grave + Pathology - 4/7/2011 - Nosturi - Helsinki

Fighting once again through the wall of sleep to enter a world of Death at Nosturi, I couldn’t help but notice how fitting the grayness and rain was to the mood of the evening. First up was American Pathology, which started ten minutes late, but otherwise the evening stuck to the schedule. From the first second, Pathology kicked arse, starting with a murderous sewer growl that blew my tiredness straight away. They play very generic brutal death with the vocals, slams and blast-beats one expects, but they did it with attitude. Their stage demeanor was truly energetic and they managed to get some of the fans gathered around to mosh furiously. This was their first time in Europe and they were obviously grateful for the opportunity. So much so that they saw fit to thank both the other bands twice, which was a bit much.

Next up was old school Death metalheads Grave from our west neighbor, to which the Swedish flag on the guitar amp was a testament. The often in death over-looked thrash beat was present in most songs, which is always a plus. Despite this, Grave was too mid-tempo for me, after the previous act’s intensity, and my drowsiness made a comeback. They played groovier and more boring songs in succession, and even some 20-year-old songs. As a whole the set was boring and didn’t really leave any impact on me, a shame really.

The main act, Obituary, hails from Florida, and is one of the progenitors of the typical American Death metal sound of the eighties. The lack of people must be attributed to it being a Thursday. The band played both old and new songs, most of which got the heads moshing. There were rather long pauses between songs, with almost no speaks, which I thought it was a bit hinky. That, combined with a rather long encore pause, made me wonder whether John Tardy’s voice was okay.
Although the setlist was good and the songs worked as well as they always did, the irritation factor was a bit big, at least for me. They left the guitars to feedback for way too long leading in to the encore. Then instead of keeping the gig rolling they went into a really boring drum solo, which completely destroyed the mood. When after the drum solo they launched into a guitar solo, I decided enough was enough, and retired to go home to sleep. I’ve never understood the awful solo numbers, especially when they are nothing special or interesting. Otherwise an entertaining evening slightly overshadowed by boredom.



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