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Arcturus + Clockwork Spirit - 3/17/2012 - Nosturi - Helsinki

Here we are in Nosturi once again, this time for the awaited reunion tour of Arcturus, fronted by ICS Vortex. And it couldn’t be any less than a sold out. The place is already packed even before the support band starts, which is unusual, but yet this is an unusual evening in itself, and not because it is St. Patrick’s day.
The drunk Irish fest has little to nothing to do with this, if not to increment the level of alcohol in the audience. But what’s quite peculiar is that the first band, Clockwork Spirit will perform downstairs in the small stage of Äläkerta. Maybe the guys weren’t allowed to share the stage with the Norwegian colleagues?
Nonetheless, it’s difficult to move in the small space down there with all these people, but the guys pull a nice warm-up gig and try to give it their best out of this chance they have. The guys have just released last year their first full-length after changing name from Amarantine, and their stage appearence seems to suit quite well to their blackened gothic metal style. For trivia fans, the band also has in its ranks the current drummer of Ajattara.

Time to climb Nosturi’s stairs since the showtime for Arcturus is approaching. Finally in front of a completely filled hall, Vortex & Co. enter the stage with “Evacuation Code Deciphered”, of course wearing masks and strange goggles in their traditional outfits. Immediately the crowd is all fired-up, and once again a thing I really appreciate is the mixture of music and visuals which are shown in the background, enhancing the live experience of the show.
This is the first time I get to see the band as I missed them back in the days, so I’m wondering how it could have been with Garm, but still I’m impressed by the intensity of the gig, and Vortex proves himself again as a good showman after his first show ever with his solo band a month ago in Finnish Metal Expo.
Jumping, making faces, and teasing the fans, he really pulls off a good one. But music-wise the concert is no less, with no technicalities to bother the audience, while “Ad Absurdum” and “Nightmare Heaven” keep it going. I just really wish I could actually see the stage, since it’s so crowded that after shooting the band every single spot is taken and what’s left is just to see the show from the screen in the drinking area on the upper floor.
Even this doesn’t prevent me to enjoy songs such as “The Chaos Path” or “Painting My Horror”, as together with their latest record, most of their set is taken luckly from “La Masquerade Infernale”. If I want to be picky though, I wouldn’t have minded to hear songs like “Radical Cult”, but what the hell, it’s just already amazing as it is.
As the whole Nosturi is enchanted by the melodies of these Norwegians, “Master Of Disguise” signs the beginning of the latter part of the show, which ends with the only two songs taken by the debut “Aspera Hiems Symfonia”: “To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night” and “Raudt og Svart”. It’s hard to put into words what’s like to see what has certaintly been for me the best show of 2012 so far, but if I can invent a term, I’d say “pure awesomeness-ness”!

After a more-than-90-minutes set thus ends this great performance, and the only other time I’ve been so amazed in Nosturi was probably at the first Ulver tour. These Norwegians!
Now I’m somehow thrilled (but with the due caution) when I think about the possibility of a new record, and most of all I’m looking forward to see the band again this summer, at the very least in Tuska Open Air!


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