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Tuska Open Air 2012 - Day 2 - 6/30/2012 - Suvilahti - Helsinki

Anaal Nathrakh (Inferno Stage): Being almost the first band on the worst hungover morning, and also being one of the most extreme bands this year, it was rather surprising that the tent was packed full. The gig was just sublime, perfect playing and awesome songs, including Pandemonic Hyperblast, Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes, Between Shit and Piss We Are Born and In the Constellation of the Black Widow. They also had the biggest pit I’ve seen in a tent in Tuska, as should be considering the ferocity of their music. One of the (many) highlights of this summer, definitely.

Amoral (Hellsinki Stage): After Anaal Nathrakh pretty much any band would sound lame, but the new Amoral really didn’t win in the comparison. They do have a lot of good songs and catchy stuff, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it right then, maybe another time. The first pyros of the festival for me!

Textures (Hellsinki Stage): A pretty strange and versatile band, incorporating both meshuggah-styled riffs and also very melodic and moody parts. Being complex and me having never heard them before, I got basically nothing out of the gig. I’m pretty sure that if I’d listened to them a lot I would’ve loved it, now it was sadly rather bland.

Napalm Death (Radio Rock Stage): This was a perfect example of concentrating on what counts: kicking ass! ND had no backdrop, no fancy cloths or effects. They looked very small on the big stage, but at least they made a huge noise. There was a enormous circle pit with people running around, probably the biggest one at Tuska. They played both old and new songs, all the way back to SCUM and at least Analysis Paralysis from their newest album.

Insomnium (Hellsinki Stage): Ah, another lovely band. They played a pretty standard set, but they are such pros that pretty much any of their gigs is as good as it gets. It does feel like the bands don’t play as loud as they used to, or am I just losing my hearing? Hard to say for sure without a dB meter.

Ramin kuntopolku (in a random location): I was just hanging around when I noticed someone carrying a bass drum and a lot of people hurrying after him. I decided to tag along to find out what’s going on. It was one of the gigs that urban grind band Ramin Kuntopolku played at random times in different places during Tuska. The band consists of only two guys in balaclavas (Ramin and Kuntopolku :D), one playing blastbeats on a simple kit and the other growls into a megaphone. A very novel and pleasantly extreme concept, one which I was looking forward to for a long time. They didn’t disappoint, and they played to a very large audience with a Finnish newspaper shooting and interviewing them. Most songs were improvised to ideas shouted from the crowd and they really did perform really well. Honestly one of the best bands of the festival.

Sonata Arctica (Radio Rock Stage): I walked near the stage where Sonata played, and was stunned that they actually sounded good. Then I realized that it was actually Behemoth’s soundcheck from the other stage that I heard :D

Victims (Musamaailma Stage): A hardcore punk band, Victims was nothing special, but pretty much anything beats listening to Sonata. At this time it actually started to rain! In all my Tuska years I can’t remember more than a few drops of rain, but this time was almost constant rain for the rest of the evening, what the hell?!

Behemoth (Hellsinki Stage): Nergal summed up it perfectly: “It feels good to be alive!” It was good to see the main man up and about and as energetic as ever. The only visible trace of his past crippling illness was his short hair, otherwise Behemoth was as they always are. This time they also played their older songs, all the way back from their black metal days. In addition to the mask Nergal’s worn the last couple of tours, there was nothing else special that I spotted, so no bible-tearing this time.

 Sabaton (Radio Rock Stage): When I interviewed the guys from Sabaton earlier, they said that Joakim had such a sore throat he couldn’t do interviews. Still, he managed an awesome gig. A true professional, it seems. The gig started with the over-used and waaay too long Europe’s Final Countdown as a intro tape. They really should get rid of it, it’s mostly infuriating nowadays. They had some very awesome pyros and they introduced the new guys cleverly and made it clear they are now stronger than ever. At various points the guitarists really showed what they can do, and it is clear they are very skilled professionals, and they mean business. They played Carolus Rex in Swedish, which was for me the definite highlight of the, considering how awesome their newest album is. Funnily, they managed to get the audience to do the YMCA, with Joakim referencing his looks and the Helsinki pride. Otherwise a pretty standard (although of course very entertaining) show, with Primo Victoria having everyone jumping along and the hyping of the song Talvisota. Drinking Karhu (a Finnish beer) onstage they just remarked that only in Finland does the beer get more cheer than the band.

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