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Tuska Open Air 2012 - Day 3 - 7/1/2012 - Suvilahti - Helsinki

Suicide Silence (Hellsinki Stage): The first band of the last day, a sadly disappointing case. With a lot of cool things, they still managed to ruin the whole with their overly American and core sound. Not for me.

Man-eating Tree (Inferno Stage): Only managed to see these guys in passing, and they seemed very much like always, have to note that this kind of moody music is not a very great choice for such an early slot.

Apocalyptica (Radio Rock Stage): A bit boring, I saw just a few covers, like Refuse/Resist, but I’d much rather had listened to THEIR best songs. Also, the mixing seemed to be all over the place, at least where I was standing, which really didn’t help.

Skeletonwitch (Inferno Stage): Apparently the last gig of their tour, they still managed to give it their all, and managed to convince at least me. Their stunningly brutal vocals were the main factor putting them apart from the rest, I just had to buy a shirt to make sure I listen to them in the future. A lot.

Bob Malmström (Musamaailma Stage): It was jolly good to see the bourgeois punk guys live again. Just as relentless, both in their music and their parody of the Finnish Swedes, they again delivered royally. Easily the day’s best gig, I can’t help but think that this band is the next big thing. Considering the forces backing up this band, (of which both Jules Näveri from Profane Omen and Vreth from Finntroll appeared onstage) I’m sure they will go far. As “Carolus Aminoff” put it: “We don’t have a mosh pit, we have a cash pit!”

Finntroll (Radio Rock Stage): The greatest blow to this year’s Tuska was the cancellation of Lamb of God due to the insane incarceration of Randy Blythe in the Czech Rebublic. The good part was that again the Tuska people managed to get a really great replacement in practically zero time. As they themselves said onstage, Skrymer was still in Germany on the airport when they got the offer, and they didn’t think for a second before accepting. Awesome work from both the organizers and the band, I gotta say. I regrettably missed most of their gig due to running all around the place, but managed to see Jaktens tid and Midnattens Widunder.

Jess & the Ancient Ones (Musamaailma Stage): I popped in to see this new promise, but I was immediately forced to leave due to the horrendous vocals. I’m sure they have their fans, but I couldn’t watch for more than a few moments.

 Huoratron (Inferno Stage): Probably the weirdest act this year was the experimental electro act Huoratron. Seemingly out of place, he really managed to make the crowd his. I never thought I’d see hairy metalheads dancing like teens at a disco, but that was exactly what happened during the gig. Combining metal elements to electronic music is nothing new, but having seen the gig I was impressed with the result. I was also pleased to see how amicably everyone was joining in the sitting down during the drop and also doing a sort of conga line trough the crowd. It’s good to see that metal fans can have fun and not be too serious and close-minded.


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